Friday, September 14, 2007


去到别人的blog看到大家都在打这个广告,心痒痒的也来参加.加入三个多月了还没有试过cash out的那种感觉,一定是很爽的吧!现在advertlets给我们一个机会,让大家都有机会实现小小的梦想,钱可能不多,但是这些钱都是写blog得来的钱.借此可以向那些不相信写blog可以赚钱的人证明advertlets能让你赚钱哦!



“ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”.

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Sally said...

just pass-by n saw ur blog. Glad to know u love reading n it's not easy to keep tis hobby nowsaday. I used to read but hv stopped cos busy in life (i think tis not a gd resons for me). May i shld pick up my reading again!!

Hope u can earn little money from ur advertlets n get ur dream books. Anyway, it make me a great eye-opener in reading ur "coffin series", it had made me more understanding to tis special occupation.
Free visit my blog , as i m doin handicrafts leather products. ha, ha, my times had been occupied by all this n hv no time in reading.

cheers n smile always...wil be back to read more of ur stories when i free.